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Residential Real Estate in Ponte Vedra 3rd Quarter Update

Posted on by Lisa Barton in Real Estate News

The Ponte Vedra Beach residential real estate market continues to be very strong year-to-date through September.

  • In total, 488 homes sold in 2019 versus 510 last year (which was one of the best years ever). 
  • Importantly, both the average and the median sales prices have increased by 7.7% and 8.26%, respectively.
  • Increasing sales prices are also reflected in the improved sold-to-list ratios, which in September climbed to 95%. 
  • The year-to-date absorption rate has also changed favorably (for sellers) and is now 6.06 months versus 6.82 months last year—an 11.14% improvement. 
  • The number of listings has been consistent since October of 2018, but the average days on market in September was only 80 days, down from 130 last year, indicating properties are moving quickly in what still appears to be a seller’s market. 

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