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Mortgage Pricing Not Tied to Fed Action

Posted on by Lisa Barton in Buying Tips, Real Estate News

There's so much speculation in the market with the talk of the Federal Reserve rate cut. Here’s what Mike Hendrickson, Sr. Mortgage Consultant at U.S. Bank, had to say:

Mortgage pricing is not tied to Fed action. This may come as a surprise to many who mistakenly believe that Fed rate cuts are immediately tied to mortgage rate pricing. That correlation is untrue. See, the Fed rate cut yesterday of .25% (25 Basis points) does not equal a mortgage rate cut of 25 Basis Points. 

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Real Estate Market Update - Summer 2019

Posted on by Lisa Barton in Real Estate News

May was a very productive period for the Lisa Barton team, with thirteen sales closing in this month alone. Typically, May is also a very active month in the Ponte Vedra Beach area and reflects a seasonal pattern of high sales in the second quarter—as families move and make plans for the coming school year. In this update, we’ll look at national, state, and regional real estate market trends.

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What is the Rate?

Posted on by Lisa Barton in Buying Tips, Real Estate News

We asked our favorite loan officer to lend some insight into "What is the rate?" Here's what he had to say:

That’s the first thing most buyers want to know when looking for a mortgage. The answer is not always so simple and will depend on the time of day and the events of the market on any given day. That's why going online for rate information can be confusing. The best way to find out the rate you qualify for is to get up-to-date information from your mortgage professional. He or she will walk you through how the financial markets are performing, and the key factors that impact rates.*

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