What is Onsite Environmental Consulting, LLC?


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What is Onsite Environmental Consulting, LLC?

Today during our weekly sales meeting, Onsite Environmental Consulting, LLC (OEC) stopped in to educate us with valuable information on what exactly the company has to offer, which had us all very intrigued. Based in Jacksonville, Onsite Environmental Consulting, LLC (OEC) is a privately held DBE / JSEB certified environmental consulting firm. OEC has provided quality environmental consulting services for 13 years, not only in Jacksonville but throughout the entire southeast, with experience across the entire United State.

The OEC ecological experts have an expansive history of wetland and aquatic habitat impact permitting. The OEC staff provide services such as wetland delineation, water quality monitoring, wetland, wildlife & upland mitigation, listed species studies, phase I & II ESA, environmental permitting, living shoreline services, sand dune restoration, stakeholder engagement, real estate due diligence assistance, wetland tax reduction services, and gopher tortoise services.

Some of the services listed above may sound completely foreign to you, luckily, OEC's ecological experts have held a reputation for breaking down complex environmental regulations into a language that you can understand. You can also visit the website, Onsite Environmental Consulting, LLC.

Locally speaking, hurricane Irma left a devastating trail of destruction. If you live on the coast and experienced damage, regulations for permitting have been softened, applications will be accepted through Oct. 4th.

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