Top Reasons to Bring Your Agent along to New Construction


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Top Reasons to Bring Your Agent along to New Construction

The inventory of existing homes for sale is below average in our local market, with less than three months’ supply. New home sales have grown year over year since 2021 as the area continues to struggle to fill this housing demand.

This trend is likely to continue as our area’s population climbs. The University of North Florida recently released a study predicting 10% population growth in St Johns County by 2025. That is an extra 30,000 residents!

Building a new home can be a complicated process and many people don’t realize how helpful working with a Realtor can be during the construction process. Involving your real estate agent (or team like ours) from the initial visit to the model home onward has many benefits. Our team has extensive knowledge of the purchase and building process. We can connect you to a network of independent inspectors and a series of necessary inspections during the process. We can also make sure you have multiple options to consider when financing. Our team can also ask those industry specific questions to make sure you receive the largest incentives during the negotiation phase. We can guide you on floor plans and lot options that will best suit your needs.

Many people mistakenly think just because you’re building and communicating with the builder or their representative, that your best interests are kept in mind and the process will be smooth. Many times we’ve found that’s simply not the case. Having an agent looking out for your best interest from start to finish is important. For example, after you’ve completed the selection process, the relationship continues as we work together while the build is ongoing. We can help track progress (particularly helpful if you’re not yet living in the area), schedule inspections, and assist in negotiations with the builder if the schedule is altered or issues arise during the construction process. 

Plus, as your agents, we have connections within the community that can help you finish out and maintain your new home after construction is complete. We can recommend reputable contractors such as movers, lawn maintenance crews, pool builders, and cleaners, among many others.

What most buyers of new construction homes don’t realize is that building a home is a lot of work with many moving pieces. Our team can help ease this process. Many buyers don’t understand that they can (and should) get us involved from the very beginning. Representation by an agent should be disclosed from the first visit to a model home and an agent information form should be completed along with your initial paperwork with the builder’s representative. Your real estate agent’s commission is traditionally covered by the builder - it is not an out of pocket expense to you. And, you don’t pay more for a new home when you’re represented by your own agent. 

If you, or someone you know, is considering building a new home in Northeast Florida, call us before you start heading out to the model homes. We’re ready to help you create the life and home you’re already designing in your head – without the headache of doing it alone.

Sean Muserallo

Sean Muserallo

The Lisa Barton Real Estate Team in Ponte Vedra Beach

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