The Benefits of a Great Agent When Buying or Building a Home & the Challenges of New Construction


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The Benefits of a Great Agent When Buying or Building a Home & the Challenges of New Construction

Buying or building a new home in Northeast Florida can be a challenging process. Working with an experienced local Ponte Vedra Realtor can be very helpful.

Buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions of your life. In this high-pressure market, often buyers are having to make this decision in less than 24 hours, sometimes without ever having seen the home in person! A saying that has cropped up from this market is “if you have to sleep on it you won’t sleep in it.”

Having an experienced agent working for you is essential. Your agent can show you all the relevant sales, explain to you the return on your investment, and give you the information you need to make a smart decision going forward.

Since the inventory of resales is so low, many buyers are choosing to purchase new construction homes. New construction offers its own unique set of challenges. Every builder handles the purchasing process differently, so having a great agent who is familiar with new home sales can mitigate some of the challenges. A good agent will represent you and give you a voice when negotiating with builders. Your agent can also coordinate with the builder and negotiate any issues that occur during the building process. Additionally, your agent can coordinate third-party inspections throughout the building process, so you’ll be confident the finished product is a well-built, structurally sound home. Finally, your agent will continually check on the building progress to make sure you’re able to close on time.

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