Summer Trends in Home Design Spotted in Ponte Vedra Beach


Lisa Barton



Summer Trends in Home Design Spotted in Ponte Vedra Beach

Ice Cream Pastels - “Gelato colors are going to be a huge trend in both interiors and fashion this year” ( The color pop of brightly colored pillows or vases brings the sunshine indoors, without running up the AC bill! Geometrics - From rugs and upholstery to wallpaper and art, geometric designs are hot this summer. Figurines can offer an interesting piece on a coffee table, and wall art brings a new, modern dimension to the room.

Succulents… they’re everywhere! These cute little plants bring nature inside for all to enjoy. An added benefit is that they are easy to care for, requiring little water and attention.

Natural Materials - “In interior design we're seeing a strong push toward eco-consciousness—looking toward items that are made of sustainable materials and have a natural feel to them” ( Sustainable materials offer a unique airiness that suggests a minimalist mood.

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