Real Estate Matters - Relocation


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Real Estate Matters - Relocation

One of the biggest changes we’ve seen in our local market over the last few years is an increase in the number of companies relocating Northeast Florida, and Jacksonville, in particular.

Many times, companies will offer their employees incentives to move to the new area during these transitions. Some of these incentive packages can be a bit tricky to understand. Partnering with a real estate agent experienced with relocating families is important. A savvy agent know how to apply incentives offered to employees during a corporate relocation such as mortgage breaks, cash payouts, help with closing costs, etc. Your agent can help you navigate the package offered by your employer and help you utilize the package to its fullest extent.

In addition, your agent can help familiarize you and your family with your new destination. A relocation agent serves as many people’s first-ever point of contact in a new city. An experienced agent will learn what you’re looking for when moving to a new area and will help you understand your options for schools, neighborhoods, lifestyle, etc., so that you can settle into your new home as quickly and comfortably as possible.

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