Paint Tips for Selling Your Home


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Paint Tips for Selling Your Home

Some colors are for living while others are for selling. The decorating side of color choices are based on your personal taste and what compliments the mood and décor of your home whereas on the staging side, it’s all about neutrality without being boring.

Greige has been, and still is, a standard for wall color in staging. This is mostly a gray color with beige undertones (think light taupe). It works well in both large and small spaces and looks especially good when most everything else in the room is white, such as trim and furniture. You could even step it up to Mega Greige for a richer, deeper tone.

Other gray wall colors that are popular in staging are Popular Gray (go figure), Agreeable Gray (who can argue with that?) and Repose Gray that works well with most wood colors. Accessible Beige is also very popular and is more of a taupe that adds warmth to a room.

And then we have white! Did you know there are 1,453 whites in the Sherwin Williams collection of paint colors? Among the favorites is Pure White, which is exactly that with no undertones of pink or yellow, Pure White, Dover White, Panda White and Alabaster.

Wall color choice in staging all comes down to the paint color that will highlight and enhance the best, most positive features of each room.

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