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Mickler's Landing Turtle Patrol - Discover Ponte Vedra

Lisa and Sean from our team recently met up with Lucas Meers, an official permit holder for the State of Florida for Sea Turtle Conservation, at Mickler’s Landing to discuss some of the ways beachgoers and oceanfront landowners can help Florida’s native sea turtle population.

Lucas is a member of the Mickler’s Landing Turtle Patrol. The Turtle Patrol walks the beach each morning to document sea turtles and their nests. Did you know that Mickler’s Landing has the highest density of sea turtle nests in Northeast Florida?! The monitoring of sea turtle nests in our area is so important because sea turtles are a highly endangered species due to populated beaches.

Lucas gave us some insights into helping sea turtles:

  • If you visit the beach and see orange stakes with orange tape around it, that is a sea turtle nest. Do not touch it.
  • If you see an active turtle, it’s best to just leave them be. They are acting on instinct and know where to go.
  • Turtles are endangered, so it's actually illegal to touch or interact with any sea turtles or their nests.

He also gave tips for oceanfront homeowners:

  • Sea turtles are attracted to light. So, when hatchlings emerge they look for the light of the moon reflecting on the water. If you have lights on behind the dunes they will instead be attracted toward those, setting them off course.
  • If you have any irrigation or runoff from your home, make sure it’s running towards the street and not the beach.

If you see signs of undocumented Sea Turtle activity feel free to reach out to The Turtle Patrol Facebook, their website, or call *FWC.

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