How to Bump Up Your Curb Appeal

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First impressions are important… That translates to initially meeting someone, or the first time seeing a home. It is very common for homeowners to begin overlooking exterior flaws. However, to a third party viewer, those blemishes are often viewed as more pronounced.  Whether you are looking to sell your property or simply brighten the place up, follow these simple fixes that will take your home from unmemorable to unforgettable. Give your home a few touches that send the message, “Come on in! We’re happy you’re here”.

Work from the outside in:

Take a look at your home from the road and try to see it with new eyes. Pinpoint the things you have gotten used to. The sagging gutters, dingy walkway, and dead spots in the lawn can be eyesores to a potential buyer, and also to you (even though you have turned a blind eye for months). Fixing these imperfections will go a long way. 

Give the house a good bath:

Wash the slate clean. Giving your house the cleaning it needs will make a big difference in its appearance to others. It makes the home look newer, adds value, and shows the shine that was hiding under the dirt. We often do not realize how grimy things get over time, and dirt build up is a turn off to potential buyers and to guests. Pressure washing the exterior of the house, the driveway and garage can make a HUGE difference in what people see when looking at your home. 

A front door glow up:

The entryway of the home welcomes guests, and also sends a message. The message should be enticing, not an obstacle course to get around the overgrown potted plants and trip hazards of crooked pavers. Take the time to prune the walkway, even the pavers, and consider painting the front door a new shade to add a pop of color visible from the street.   Check out Southern Living’s guide to zesty front doors.


A well-manicured lawn and landscape are appealing to all, so make it a priority when fixing up the place. Fill in the holes in the lawn, trim back unruly shrubs, and add some flowers to spruce things up… Whether you plan on selling the home or not, it is cathartic to see the rewards of taking care of plants and watching flowers flourish. 

Opt for new hardware

Updating exterior appliances will upgrade the home. Even small touches can make an impact, and it doesn’t have to break the bank. Consider selecting new address numbers to modernize the home’s look, or check out Houzz for new light fixtures to give the house a brighter glow.  


The human eye searches for consistency. Try aligning things symmetrically on the exterior with identical potted plants on either side of the doorway.

Give your home the mini makeover it has been craving. You, and your home, will be thankful for the added curb appeal. 

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