Home Staging Can Help Sell Your Home Faster

Posted on by Lisa Barton to Real Estate News, Selling Tips

The Jacksonville Business Journal just published a great article about how using a home staging company can help a home for sale sell faster (and for more money). According to the the National Association of Realtors, buyers and sellers have different perspectives about home staging. For example:

Buyer's Agent Perspective:

  • 49% of buyers agents feel home staging has a positive effect on buyers' view of a home
  • 77% of agents feel staging helps buyers visualize living in a home
  • The most important rooms to stage are: living room, master bedroom and kitchen
  • 30% of buyer's agents feel staging a home increases the price offered by a buyer between 1%-5%

Seller's Agent Perspective:

  • 38% of seller's agents stage all of their listings prior to putting them on the market
  • The cost of staging is typically paid by the seller before the home is listed
  • 39% of seller's agents said a staged home sells faster
  • The most common recommendations from home stagers were: decluttering, entire home cleaning, carpet cleaning and removing pets during showings
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