Home Maintenance for the Florida Fall


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Home Maintenance for the Florida Fall

Regular home maintenance can help keep your home in good working order and save on costly repairs.


  • Check for cracks in the foundation and caulk. Look for gaps in places where masonry meets siding, pipes or wires enter your home, as well as around windows and doors. Replace caulk or seal cracks, gaps, and holes where needed.
  • Clean and repair window screens.
  • Inspect exterior walls for peeling or bubbling paint.
  • Have a licensed professional check your roof for any damage or other issues.
  • Clear out gutters, flush them with water, and inspect joints. Fix any areas that need repair. Ensure downspouts are pointed away from the home.
  • Examine your pool cover for damage and replace if necessary.
  • Check the weather-strip on the garage door so that there is a tight seal between the door and the ground.
  • Inspect your driveway for cracks. Repair with driveway filler as needed. Consider sealing your drive with a commercial sealant.


  • Check for proper sealing on the inside and outside of all windows and doors. Apply weather stripping and caulk where needed.
  • Have a licensed HVAC contractor check your heating and cooling system, including ducts.
  • Clean your dryer vent.
  • Examine your wood or gas fireplace (if applicable). Clean and inspect the glass door, have a licensed contractor inspect the chimney and/or check for any damage to the gas lines and connectors.
  • Check that your attic (if applicable) is critter free and that the insulation is in place.
  • Test and change the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.


Since we live in beautiful Ponte Vedra Beach, pools can often be used all year. However, before winter, it’s always good to make sure that you:

  • Clean the pool thoroughly – including the filter.
  • Test your pool heater.
  • Balance the chemicals.
  • Check water levels throughout the season.
  • Remove, clean, and store all pool accessories when you’re ready to close for the season.
  • Consider using a cover. Even if you don’t close the pool down completely, a cover can help reduce maintenance time and help keep the water temperature warmer (depending on cover type).

Tips from this article are (in part) from the Zillow Premier Agent Newsletter.

Lisa Barton

Lisa Barton

Lisa Barton, the owner of Lisa Barton Team Ponte Vedra Beach - Keller Williams Realty Atlantic Partners, is a top real estate agent in Ponte Vedra Beach and the surrounding communities. Lisa specializes in luxury real estate sales, including gated communities, waterfront properties, and estate homes. A graduate from the University of Florida and George Mason University, Lisa currently resides in Sawgrass Players Club with her husband.

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