Florida Homeowners Fall Checklist


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Florida Homeowners Fall Checklist

However, we face a winter of our own, even if it only lasts a few weeks. Whether you love the cold or moved to Florida for the very reason of avoiding it, here are a few tips to get through the short weeks of cold we endure.

Clean the gutters

Cleaning out these guys is not a fun task, but it is most certainly worth the hassle. If debris and leaves clog the proper drainage system, you could be looking at thousands of dollars of water damage to the foundation of your home. Making sure this system flows smoothly is a top priority, so get your mind in the gutter!

Reverse your fans

Hot air rises; therefore fans should rotate clockwise to push the rising warm air back down to the floor. This will save on energy costs, something everyone loves!

Inspect the heater

Better early than too late! Inspect the heating system to make sure it is up to the task of keeping you and your family warm during the cold season.

Prune plants

The best time to trim back shrubs is after summer growth has come and gone. It is the perfect time to cut back to encourage new growth in the spring.

Turn off and store hoses

If temperatures drop to below the freezing point, water backed up in the faucet can freeze and burst pipes. Best to do it soon so you aren’t in trouble if an early cold snap comes along! Drain and turn off sprinkler system Irrigation lines underground are also susceptible to freezing and bursting, so it is a good idea to drain these pipes as well. Break out those sweaters and savor the chill while it’s here!

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