6 Signs You’ve Found the Right New Home

Posted on by Lisa Barton to Buying Tips

Love at first sight is not limited to only a significant other, it can happen when seeing the perfect house! From the moment you arrive, there is an instant attraction. The curb appeal is breathtaking and lures you up the walkway and into the house. The feelings only get stronger from there. The house is checking off the major items on the ‘must-have’ list, plus even more. You may think to yourself, “Wow, it’s all moving so fast. Am I rushing into this (house) love affair?”

Here are a few signs you may have found ~The One~:

  • You are envisioning your future life in this house
  • Planning where your pieces of furniture would fit oh-so-perfectly and day dreaming about future Christmases is a sign you could be hooked. 
  • You become mentally territorial of the house.
  • If during an open house, you find yourself glaring at the woman who is checking out the kitchen appliances with the thought, “She needs to stop fiddling with my sink”…you may have found the one. 
  • You tell your mom about it 
  • The tell tale sign that things are getting serious…You’re telling people about it. If your mom knows about this potential relationship, it is safe to say you are falling in love…with the house of course!
  • Flaws are graciously overlooked
  • The scratch on the floor “adds character” instead of being a deal breaker.  
  • You do the classic drive by at all hours of the day.
  • Just when you thought drive bys were a thing of the past that should be left in high school… Here you are doing them. If you go out of your way drive by the home because you can’t get it out of your head, it’s probably ‘the one’. 
  • You can’t stop thinking about it 
  • This house haunts your thoughts, and all you can do is set up your plan of how you will make it yours.

When you’ve found ‘the one’, you just know.

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