Why Don’t More Florida Home Owners Use Solar Energy?

Posted on by Lisa Barton to Green Home

Did you know that Jacksonville, Florida averages about 221 sunny days a year? Given that solar panels feed off solar energy, your automatic assumption would be that the majority of houses and even businesses would use clean energy, but unfortunately that is not the case. In fact, Florida’s state law has inhibited the growth of rooftop solar energy. Of course this doesn’t make sense, why wouldn’t everyone want to use clean energy? Well, news flash, it’s not the Floridians who are fighting against this, rather the Florida laws. Florida is actually referred to as “The sleeping giant of the solar industry.”

After Governor Deal signed Georgia’s solar law in May 2015, Florida became one of only four states that prohibit citizens from buying electricity from anyone other than a utility. Floridians for Solar Choice is promoting a Florida constitutional amendment ballot initiative that would give Florida’s families and businesses the right to choose solar power. So many positive changes could be possible if Floridian used more green energy. By educating Florida home owners about the benefits of solar energy, Florida could soon join the growing solar market.

Clark Howard, a popular consumer expert and host of the nationally syndicated Clark Howard Show, really educated me on the benefits of solar energy. Mr. Howard uses solar panels on both of his homes in Florida and Georgia. I was fortunate enough to get a private tour by the professional thifter himself! Clark ended our discussion with this, "I don't like solar panels. I LOVE solar panels!"

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