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New Homes for Sale in The Plantation at Ponte Vedra

Posted on by Lisa Barton

The Plantation at Ponte Vedra Beach, one of the most exclusive golf and country club neighborhoods in Ponte Vedra Beach, has just announced that construction will begin soon on the last available lots in the neighborhood. Elacora, a national home builder has been chosen to build 24 new homes in The Plantation. These new construction homes will range in size from 2600 to over 3800 square feet with prices beginning in the mid-$600,000s. 

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Real Estate Market Report for Ponte Vedra Beach and Jacksonville 3rd Quarter 2014

Posted on by Lisa Barton

The real estate market in Ponte Vedra Beach, Jacksonville and the Jacksonville Beaches continues to change and improve. The national housing trends also bear watching. The news is good across major economic indicators as the housing market continues its recovery since bouncing off the bottom in March 2012. 

Some of the real estate highlights include:

  • Housing prices continue to improve year-over-year albeit at a slowing pace from the double digit improvements experienced in 2013 and early 2014. Price gains have been steadily slowing since December, and the latest S&P/Case-Shiller report issued on 10/28/14 (two month lag time) showed that U.S. single-family home prices gained just 5.1% over prices one year earlier.
  • Groundbreaking on new homes was up 17.8% year-over-year in September, a 6.3% increase over the prior month.
  • In September, existing home sales hit their fastest pace so far for 2014.
  • As of August 2014, average home prices across the U.S. are back to their spring 2005 levels for the National Index.

The above data appears to indicate that the market is normalizing with rapid price gains now behind us and slow, but steady, growth in front of us. 

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Changes to Flood Insurance in Florida: What Homeowners Should Know

Posted on by Lisa Barton

Storms over the last two decades have brought on a considerable amount of flooding throughout the state. It is not only the coastal cities that have seen the flooding. The coastal areas are the ones that people assume are associated with flood insurance. However, even areas more inland are experiencing floods where it is not uncommon to see seven inches or more of water after a single day’s worth of rain.  

FEMA has created new maps in the past year that have taken effect. These new maps are placing more areas into flood zones and that’s creating the need for more Florida flood insurance. Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida is one such area that has seen a significant shift in the flood areas. Those that are in flood areas are identified by risk. The higher level risk areas are forced to purchase flood insurance additional to what their Florida homeowner’s insurance policy offers because of the zoning.

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Improving Your Credit Score

Posted on by Lisa Barton

Credit scoring has long been associated with obtaining loans. Recently, however, one’s score is more relevant than ever as borrowing money is becoming tougher and tougher. Conventional home loans are now adding price adjustments for any scores below 720. Having a higher score can potentially save you thousands of dollars in interest over the life of a loan!

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Search and Save Properties

Posted on by Lisa Barton

Did you know you that’s it is even easier to search and save properties with my newly redesigned website? This feature will allow you to revisit the homes that you liked the most or send them to others that might be interested too. Here’s how:

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Housing on the Mend

Posted on by Lisa Barton

On a quarterly basis we update you on the health of the Beaches real estate market. One of our key measures, traditionally, is to track the number of home sales year-to-date and to compare these indicators to the prior year, same period.  

An interesting article recently in the New York Times (Business section, Saturday, May 31, 2014) highlighted several other measures that provide a more nuanced look at the overall sales.

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