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Green Trends - Upcycling

Posted on by Lisa Barton

Upcycling, the practice of taking disposable items and repurposing them into something new, is becoming increasing popular. Many upcycled products are making their way onto fashion runways and home improvement projects. For example, sweaters purchased in the local second-hand store are turned into leg warmers and other accessories; or, window shutters are used to create head boards and couch tables. 

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Is Solar Power for You?

Posted on by Heather Senterfitt

Solar power for homes has been increasing in popularity, particularly over the last decade. In fact, even Home Depot now carries residential solar panels. With the famously sunny climate of Ponte Vedra Beach, the rising interest in green living, and decline in start-up costs, solar energy may be worth your consideration. Here are some of the common benefits and drawbacks of residential solar power.

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