Baby Boomer? Here are Some Tips for Downsizing

Posted on by Marsha Keller

Are you an "empty nester" wondering why you need all that square footage? As the Baby Boomer generation ages, many home owners are considering making a move to a smaller home. Especially since the housing market appears to be stabilizing and home sales are picking up. A smaller home means less maintenace and more time to travel, pursure a new hobby or spend time with family. 

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Not Ready to Downsize? Tips on Aging in Place

Posted on by Marsha Keller

According to the AARP, 80 percent of American seniors desire to stay in their homes for the remainder of their lives. This process is known as “aging in place.” The 55+ population are choosing to age in place for many reasons: proximity to family, familiarity, convenience, a desire to maintain independence, as well as safety and security.

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Downsizing?? Conquering Digital Age Organization

Posted on by Marsha Keller

Thinking about downsizing? Organizing your important documents and information has never been simple, but in the digital age, staying organized can be even more complex. Gone are the days of the single file-folder with all the essential details. Now, vital information can become scattered, overlooked or lost. Here are some tips to help you stay organized and make things easier for those who might need to take care of you:

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Active Adult Communities in Northeast Florida

Posted on by Marsha Keller

As the Baby Boomers reach retirement age, they are approaching retirement with a desire to be busy and healthy. The term “active adult” is a commonly used phrase in place of the words “seniors,” “senior citizens,” “older adults” and “elderly.” These active adults are the largest, wealthiest and fastest-growing segment in the population and they are searching for products, services and programs that are designed specifically for them. Essentially, these individuals are looking for a maintenance-free, activity-filled, and well-managed community where they can begin their transition into retirement.

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Considering Downsizing? Here’s Some Important Planning Information

Posted on by Marsha Keller

Are you considering downsizing? Maybe thinking of selling your large home and moving into something smaller? In today's digital age it's increasingly difficult to organize essential personal, financial and medical information. In the past, you could keep paper copies in safes, file cabinets or with an accountant. But in today's new electronic world, most paper copies never reach your mailbox. 

The world has changed and that's why working with a Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) is so important. A (SRES) has special training designed to help you maneuver through all the challenges you will encounter through your journey and transisiton into the next phase of your life. Unfortunately, most people do a better job preparing for their taxes, than preparing for the future. Consider how not preparing now will impact the future for your loved ones. This is a guide to give you the first steps in securing the most important information. Here are some simple steps to help you prepare for the future:

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