Five Tips to Remember When Selling Your Home During the Holidays

Posted on by Lisa Barton to Real Estate News, Selling Tips

Having your house on the market during the holidays has a few perks exclusive to this time of year. Here are five things to remember if you're planning on selling during the holiday season:

  • Buyers are more serious: people looking to buy during the holidays tend to be serious buyers who want to be moved in by the New Year for various reasons. Some want to be settled before the start of the second school semester, or to take advantage of Homestead Exemption. Taking potential buyers seriously is important this time of year. 
  • Be flexible: showing your home during the holidays may be a pain due to hectic schedules, but it is crucial have an open schedule availalbe to prospective homebuyers. If they request a showing, they are taking time out of their busy schedules to determine if your home will be their next move. 
  • Deck the halls, but don’t go too crazy: giving your home some festive flare is encouraged, but be mindful not to go overboard with Christmas cheer. Inflatable Santas and a light show can be distracting to buyers and that's not where their attention should be focused. Keep decorations to a tasteful minimum. 
  • Price it right: pricing your home competitively in relation to the market is very important during the holiday season. Buyers are more serious, and may not be open to a long negotiation process, considering the time crunch to move in by the New Year.
  • Think cozy: use the holidays to send off a homey vibe that is inviting to prospective buyers. During a showing, consider baking cookies or setting out cider to get people in a festive mood as they tour your home. 
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