Stroke Awareness

Posted on by Marsha Keller to Downsizing

Every 40 seconds, someone in the United States experiences a stroke, the leading cause of disability and the number five cause of death.  


We wanted to take the this opportunity for all of us to get up to speed on preventing strokes, along with learning to spot stroke symptoms and how to respond when you see someone who may need help.

After all, some strokes can be treated with clot-busting drugs that allow people to recover and suffer no permanent disabilities. 

But speed – getting a person into an emergency room immediately -- is critical.

Yet the American Stroke Association says that only about two out of three Americans can correctly identify at least one warning sign of a stroke.

F.A.S.T. is the acronym the American Stroke Association uses to help people recognize symptoms and to motivate them to act if they see any of the warning signs. It stands for:

F - Face drooping

A - Arm weakness

S - Speech difficulty

T - Time to call 9-1-1.


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