Tesla’s New Solar Tiles Add Value to Homes for Sale

Posted on by Lisa Barton to Buying Tips, Green Home

At the end of 2016, Telsa unveiled their new and highly innovative solar roof tiles. The product looks just like standard roof tiles, but have the same harnessing power as traditional solar panels. The technology is revolutionary, and the environmental benefits that come from its use are incredible. The costs of the roof sound steep at first, but the long-term rewards that come from installation are worth the upfront cost. 

Tesla’s claim is that their roof will cost less than a regular roof, when the benefits of solar production are factored in. Their quote for the solar powered roof on a typical home in Maryland is $52,000. However, with the energy the roof generates plus the tax credits,  “the roof will actually pay for itself and earn you about $8,000 over 30 years” (Tesla.com). The cost of the roof is calculated by adding the price of materials, labor of installation and Powerwall battery. But the value of a completely sustainable energy source built into a home that earns tax breaks and bodes off-the-grid reliability arguably makes up for the upfront cost, and then some!  

A few features of the Tesla solar tiles include:

  • Infinite Tile Warranty 
  • Tesla Tiles are 3x as strong than standard roof tiles. The infinite warranty goes to show how confident Tesla is in their product. There are four sophisticated styles available. 
  • Off Grid Reliability
  • The sustainable solar energy collected from the tiles is connected to the home Powerwall battery. The home can then use the energy when the homeowner wishes, and allows for full electricity during grid outages.
  • Tax breaks and credits 

The Solar Energy Industries Association offers a 30% Tax credit is applied to the cost of the tiles and the Powerwall battery during installation, not to mention the tax breaks each year for a sustainable home. Tesla’s solar roof tiles are truly all they are made out to be, and they will keep their electric buzz for years to come.

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