The Incredible Shrinking Home is Growing Again

Posted on by Lisa Barton to Real Estate News

It appears that the incredible shrinking home trend has come to an end. While builders had been substantially reducing the size of new houses, the average home size in 2013 hit 2,600 square feet, an all time high according to an article in CNN Money

While the trend for smaller homes may be ending, the demand for these homes is still high. Many factors are driving the demand for smaller homes, including an aging population, desire for simplicity, and lower maintenance, cleaning, and energy costs. Plus, many of today's buyers are carrying higher debt loads and quickly get priced out of the market as home size increases.

There are a number of first class examples of “shrinking” homes that are outstanding in their layout, graciousness and effective use of smaller spaces in the Jacksonville area. Take for example the homes in Villini of Glen Kernan. Most of these homes are well under 3,500 sq feet, but feel much larger and grander, thanks to the attention to detail, fine finishes, and beautiful materials. Kitchens are large, warm and inviting, as are the living rooms and master suites on the first floor. These are the spaces most likely to get extensive use by a small family. Second and third bedrooms in some cases are tucked away on a second floor, and while perfect for children and guests, are not nearly as remarkable. These homes status focus on making the most out of each living space.

If you're looking for a smaller home, please give me a call. My team and I are very knowledgeable about all of the options currently on the market and can help you find the best fit for your needs!

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