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Upcycling, the practice of taking disposable items and repurposing them into something new, is becoming increasing popular. Many upcycled products are making their way onto fashion runways and home improvement projects. For example, sweaters purchased in the local second-hand store are turned into leg warmers and other accessories; or, window shutters are used to create head boards and couch tables. 

In fact, typing in “upcycling home ideas” as a google search yields page after page of creative ways to salvage items and give them new life. Need some inspiration to help you imagine ways to repurpose common household or disposable items? Check out these articles:

Here Are 30 Brilliant Ways to Use Old Stuff You're About to Throw Away

Something old, something new: Upcycling is a growing trend to repurpose salvageable materials

Businesses are also upcycling to create new products from waste. To read more on this topic, click here

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