New School in Nocatee to Open August 2018

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Nocatee is ranked as the 3rd fastest growing community in the country! Thousands of families are making this master-planned community their home. With this influx of families come hundreds of kids entering the St. Johns County school system. To accommodate this growth, a new K-8 school will open its doors for the 2018-2019 school year. The school is located next to Nocatee’s Twenty Mile neighborhood. 

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How to Bump Up Your Curb Appeal

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First impressions are important… That translates to initially meeting someone, or the first time seeing a home. It is very common for homeowners to begin overlooking exterior flaws. However, to a third party viewer, those blemishes are often viewed as more pronounced.  Whether you are looking to sell your property or simply brighten the place up, follow these simple fixes that will take your home from unmemorable to unforgettable. Give your home a few touches that send the message, “Come on in! We’re happy you’re here”.

Work from the outside in:

Take a look at your home from the road and try to see it with new eyes. Pinpoint the things you have gotten used to. The sagging gutters, dingy walkway, and dead spots in the lawn can be eyesores to a potential buyer, and also to you (even though you have turned a blind eye for months). Fixing these imperfections will go a long way. 

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Florida Homeowners Fall Checklist

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Florida is known for balmy temperatures and the go-to escape location for the rest of the country to get away from frigid winters. However, we face a winter of our own, even if it only lasts a few weeks. Whether you love the cold or moved to Florida for the very reason of avoiding it, here are a few tips to get through the short weeks of cold we endure. 

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First Coast Fall Arts Preview!

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The First Coast has a ton of arts-related events coming up and we are here to fill you in! 

From theatrical productions to museum exhibits, concerts and shows, this fall is loaded with fun events that will continue on throughout the next year. Click the venue listed below and it will then direct you to the website with the details on this years events! Here's a list of some of the venues offering fall events. Enjoy!

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