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Virtual Videos for Our Listings

Posted on by Lisa Barton

We are SO excited about a new camera technology for marketing our listings! The Matterport Pro 3D has hit the market and it is making huge waves in the real estate industry. This camera collects accurate visual and spatial data to map entire areas, and then automates the footage for a 3-D viewing experience. The Matterport Camera has special technology that captures 2-D (RGB) imagery then converts the data to 3D content for a highly realistic representation of the space. The complete 3-D digital replica can be navigated on a desktop or virtual reality platform. The camera is all in one, “With a single scan, you get everything you need to communicate, market, and exhibit real-world places with your audience” ( 

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How to Bump Up Your Curb Appeal

Posted on by Lisa Barton

First impressions are important… That translates to initially meeting someone, or the first time seeing a home. It is very common for homeowners to begin overlooking exterior flaws. However, to a third party viewer, those blemishes are often viewed as more pronounced.  Whether you are looking to sell your property or simply brighten the place up, follow these simple fixes that will take your home from unmemorable to unforgettable. Give your home a few touches that send the message, “Come on in! We’re happy you’re here”.

Work from the outside in:

Take a look at your home from the road and try to see it with new eyes. Pinpoint the things you have gotten used to. The sagging gutters, dingy walkway, and dead spots in the lawn can be eyesores to a potential buyer, and also to you (even though you have turned a blind eye for months). Fixing these imperfections will go a long way. 

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Preparing Your Home for an Open House

Posted on by Lisa Barton

Preparing for the sale of your home is one thing — finding and working with a real estate agent, finding all necessary paperwork, working on your search for new living quarters, etc. But preparing for your open house is a whole other process, and it can be time consuming if you aren’t sure where to start. You want to make a good, lasting impression, but you also want to be sure to showcase the house itself — not your family photos or interior decorating skills. Here are a few tips on what to tend to before your doors open. 

Maintain the Exterior

The interior might be the logical focus when you’re opening your doors to let people freely tour your home, but before they walk up the front steps, they need to be attracted to the exterior. Clean up the windows, siding, and sidewalks the best you can (a pressure washer can be your best friend), and make sure your house numbers and mailbox look clean and well-maintained. If they are looking a bit worse for wear, they’re quick and cheap to replace. Also consider putting potted plants on the porch or adding window boxes for a splash of green. 

Clean Everything

When you’re cleaning, start with the obvious stuff: Pack up the clutter, like mail, magazines, extra blankets, your collection of cookie jars, etc. Basically, make sure that in every room, the house — not your personal belongings — is what is on display. With all of the surfaces cleared of unnecessary items, it’s time to turn to the nitty-gritty details. If your carpets are showing their age, have them shampooed. If the bathroom grout is less than white, give them a solid scrub. A potential homeowner doesn’t want to keep track of the move-in chores they’ll have to do. Also, pay attention to the way every room smells. If it’s a bit stale, spray some air neutralizer or use a wax melter to infuse pleasant smells, but stay away from heavy or flowery scents. 

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9 Reasons Why Some Homes Sell Faster

Posted on by Lisa Barton

You just listed your house and so did your next door neighbor. A week passes by, the neighbors have had four showings opposed to your one showing. Now you begin to question yourself, as well as your realtor. What are you doing wrong and how can you pick up the foot traffic?   

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Considering Downsizing? Here’s Some Important Planning Information

Posted on by Marsha Keller

Are you considering downsizing? Maybe thinking of selling your large home and moving into something smaller? In today's digital age it's increasingly difficult to organize essential personal, financial and medical information. In the past, you could keep paper copies in safes, file cabinets or with an accountant. But in today's new electronic world, most paper copies never reach your mailbox. 

The world has changed and that's why working with a Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) is so important. A (SRES) has special training designed to help you maneuver through all the challenges you will encounter through your journey and transisiton into the next phase of your life. Unfortunately, most people do a better job preparing for their taxes, than preparing for the future. Consider how not preparing now will impact the future for your loved ones. This is a guide to give you the first steps in securing the most important information. Here are some simple steps to help you prepare for the future:

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