Baby Boomer? Here are Some Tips for Downsizing

Posted on by Marsha Keller to Downsizing

Are you an "empty nester" wondering why you need all that square footage? As the Baby Boomer generation ages, many home owners are considering making a move to a smaller home. Especially since the housing market appears to be stabilizing and home sales are picking up. A smaller home means less maintenace and more time to travel, pursure a new hobby or spend time with family. 

If you're ready to make a move, here are some downsizing tips:

  • Have a plan.Think about what kind of lifestyle you want. Do you prefer an urban or coastal setting? Do you need a yard? Do you want to be part of a community that offers lots of activities and amenities such as golf courses and swimming pools? Or are you a more independent type who seeks out opportunities on your own? This is where a Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) can help filter the options. If you've raised your family in the beaches area and don't want to leave, Senior Real Estate Specialist Marsha Keller, recommends looking at some of the new neighborhoods and existing neighborhoods near the coast. These neighorhoods can provide a active lifestyle while convienent to all your favorite shops, restaurants and friends.
  • Consider a short distance move. With so many people from other areas retiring to warm destinations, there is no need to make this a bigger move than necessary. But if you are in a colder climate, this is your chance to take advantage of the year round warm weather in Florida. Many people relocate to 55+ Active Adult Communities to get rid of the big house and all the chores. Oftentimes landscaping can be included in your home owner association fees. This way you can spend the days outside enjoying this great Northeast Florida climate. 
  • Age restricted? Smaller non-restricted neighborhood? Do you care about whether or not you wanted to live in a neighborhood with young families? Would you rather be in a 55+ community with everyone that has the same interest? A lot of people want to live in a neighborhood with people their own age who share interests. But, others want to live where they still see kids out riding their bikes. Let a SRES help you navigate all the neighborhoods that might fit your lifestyle. These decisions can be made easier when guided with a professional that knows all your available options and can answer all your questions. 
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