Florida Remains on Top for Advanced Placement Participation and Performance

Posted on by Lisa Barton to Schools

As many of you know, I take a keen interest in our schools here in St. Johns County and in Ponte Vedra in particular. Buyers moving to Florida are drawn to our area by our excellent schools and by the opportunities they offer. We are fortunate that year-over-year, our school district in St John’s County continues to get the highest ratings, and that we are one of the outstanding school systems in all of Florida.

One little noted fact is that Florida remains on top for advanced placement participation and performance. For those of you with high school students you have most likely noted how many more Advanced Placement courses are currently offered, and how important AP participation is in the selection process for competitive college admissions. To this point, the Florida Department of Education recently released a statement in which they note that over the last decade, the number of Florida graduates participating in AP more than doubled, increasing from 40,276 students in 2005 to 86,400 students in 2015, and increase of 115 percent.

At 57.7 %, Florida maintained its rank as second in the nation for the percentage of 2015 graduates who took an AP exam during high school (the national average was 37.3%). In addition, the Sunshine State maintained its third place ranking in 2015 for graduates potentially earning college credit by scoring a 3 or higher on an AP exam.

I was also pleased to note that on a number of AP measures Florida has closed gaps in racial disparity or low-income participation. Most notable is that Florida has eliminated the AP participation and success gap for its Hispanic/Latino students. For more information click here.

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