Does Staging a Home Really Help it Sell Faster?

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As the real estate market starts to improve, many home owners are considering putting their house on the market. Sellers often ask me what makes one house sell quickly while another house languishes on the market.  In my experience, staging helps the house appeal to a wider range of buyers and helps them see the potential of the home.

Julie Terrazzano is a professional home stager with many years of experience in our local Ponte Vedra Beach and Jacksonville Beaches areas. I've worked with her numerous times over the past year and asked her to write a guest post for my blog. Her comments on the benefits of staging your home follow:

For those of you who currently have your home on the market or considering contacting a Realtor to list your home, please remember this.  When a potential buyer enters your home, they form their opinion within the first 8 seconds upon entering if it has the potential of being their next home.  In the past year, I have either met with realtors/sellers and conducted consultations on how they can appeal to buyers with their current furnishings in the home or completed a full staging on vacant homes bringing in furniture and accessories.  Some realtors have brought me in after a couple of months from the listing date and I spent an hour and a half providing a full “TO DO” list that the seller has completed and it seems once that list is completed, a sales contract is in hand.  Many people are skeptical about home staging but you would be surprised that just by eliminating excess furniture and accessories and moving things around how much more appealing your home is to a potential buyer.  Home stagers can objectively view the home as a product and highlight its assets while downplaying its flaws. The home seller usually cannot view their home objectively.  You want to emphasize that your home has plenty of room for the next buyer so that linen closet or kitchen cabinets that have been calling out to you to organize, there is no better time to complete this task than now.  Show all the storage your home has and start packing up some of those items you don’t plan on using.  Go to your local hardware or home supply store and purchase some storage bins and get a jump start on moving.  I can tell you that by following some of today’s staging tips, a potential offer on your home is in your very near future.  

Feel free to go to my website at if you would like to contact me or have any question regarding home staging.  I look forward to “turning your sale to sold”!!

Julie D. Terrazzano, Owner
AnchorStage the Sale

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